Astronomy and Astrophysics at CUNY

The Astronomy and Astrophysics programs at CUNY are involved in a wide array of research topics, integrating many devoted faculty members with undergraduate, graduate and postdoctoral researchers. Research in all areas is carried out both at each member's home institution as well as in conjunction with a research facility program at the American Museum of Natural History's Astrophysics Department.

Research Areas: Galaxy Formation and Evolution, Active Galactic Nuclei, Black Holes, Star Formation, Low Mass Stars and Brown Dwarfs, Interstellar Medium, Giant Planets

Astrophysics at CUNY Colleges: City Tech (Brooklyn), Hunter (Manhattan), York (Queens), Staten Island, Lehman (Bronx), BMCC (Manhattan), LaGuardia (Queens), and Queensboro (Queens).

Affiliated Institutions: American Museum of Natural History, New York University, Columbia University, NASA Goddard Institute for Space Sciences (GISS), Flatiron Institute Center for Computational Astrophysics (CCA)


CUNY Physics PhD Program - Graduate program in Physics and Astronomy. Includes 12 month stipend and benefits for 5 years. Application Deadline: January.

AMNH/CUNY NSF Research Experience for Undergraduates (REU) - Summer research opportunity open to all undergraduates. Includes summer stipend. Application Deadline: Jan/February.

AstroCom NYC - Multi-year research fellowships and intensive mentoring for CUNY undergraduates interested in pursing graduate work in Astronomy. Includes 12 month stipend for up to 2 years. Application Deadline: Oct 16, 2017.

NY Space Grant Comm. College Partnership Program (NYSG CCPP) - NASA research fellowships and mentoring for community college and technical school students interested in pursuing a STEM degree. Application Deadline: Oct 16, 2017.


CUNY Astro's newest PhD graduate - Apr 2017

CUNY Astro's proud to announce the successful defense of Dr. Paige A. Godfrey (The Graduate Center, College of Staten Island). She was the first CUNY Astro grad student to receive a Dissertation Year Fellowship from the CUNY GC, and the first to receive a Rodger Doxsey Travel Prize from the AAS.

CUNY faculty recognized for research - Apr 2017

Prof. Vivi Acquaviva (CUNY City Tech) received the Feliks Gross Award, the highest CUNY award for assistant professors, based on her research excellence.

AstroCom NYC student publication in High Energy Journal - Apr 2017

AstroCom NYC undergraduate scholars Roberto Moncada, Rafael Colon, and Juan Guerra, recently had a peer-reviewed article accepted by the Journal of High Energy Physics. Profs. Luis Anchordoqui and Matt O'Dowd (CUNY Lehman) were co-authors.

CUNY Astro's newest PhD graduate - May 2016

Joe's PhD Defense

CUNY Astro's most recent Ph.D. graduate is Dr. Joe Filippazzo (The Graduate Center, College of Staten Island). A large part of this thesis research on measuring the fundamental parameters of M, L, T, and Y dwarfs was published in an article appearing in the Astrophysical Journal. His committee consisted of her advisor, Emily Rice (CUNY CSI), and Kelle Cruz (CUNY Hunter College), Jackie Faherty (Carnegie), Charles Liu (CUNY CSI), and Michael Cushing (University of Toledo). Joe is now at Research and Instrument Analyst at the Space Telescope Science Institute in Baltimore, Maryland.

CUNY Astro Graduate students won AAS International Travel Awards - Jan 2016

Paige Giorla (Grad Center) and Joe Filippazzo (Grad Center) won AAS International Travel Awards to attend the Cool Stars 19 conference this summer in Sweden.

CUNY Astro student awarded Chambliss prize - Jan 2016

Ellie Schwab (CCNY, AstroCom) won a Chambliss Award for her poster presentation about young brown dwarfs at the American Astronomical Society meeting this January. The poster is coauthored by fellow AstroCom student Victoria DiTomasso (Hunter) and their advisors, Adric Riedel (Caltech), Emily Rice (College of Staten Island), Kelle Cruz (Hunter), and Jackie Faherty (Carnegie).

CUNY Astro women attended CUWiP- Jan 2016

Fwd: Fwd: CUWiP poster award Fwd: CUWiP poster award

CUNY Astro students participated in the Conference for Undergraduate Women in Physics at Wesleyan University. Betsy Hernandez (Hunter) won an Outstanding Poster Prize. The poster was coauthored by her research advisors Ari Maller (CityTech), Barry McKernan (BMCC), and Saavik Ford (BMCC).

CUNY Astro participated in AAS 227 - Jan 2016

CUNY Students at AAS227

CUNY Astro students were out in force at this year's winter meeting of the Americal Astronomical Society. Notably, eight CUNY undergraduates and two grad students gave poster presentations and Joe Filippazzo gave his dissertation talk. CUNY was also particularly well represented at the Hack/Maker Day.

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