Astronomy and Astrophysics at CUNY

The Astronomy and Astrophysics programs at CUNY are involved in a wide array of research topics, integrating many devoted faculty members with undergraduate, graduate and postdoctoral researchers. Research in all areas is carried out both at each member's home institution as well as in conjunction with a research facility program at the American Museum of Natural History's Astrophysics Department.

Research Areas: Galaxy Formation and Evolution, Active Galactic Nuclei, Black Holes, Star Formation, Low Mass Stars and Brown Dwarfs, Interstellar Medium, Giant Planets

Astrophysics at CUNY Colleges: City Tech (Brooklyn), Hunter (Manhattan), York (Queens), Staten Island, Lehman (Bronx), BMCC (Manhattan), and Medgar Evers (Brooklyn).

Affiliated Institutions: American Museum of Natural History, New York University, Columbia University, NASA Goddard Institute for Space Sciences (GISS)


CUNY Physics PhD Program - Graduate program in Physics and Astronomy. Includes 12 month stipend and benefits for 5 years. Application Deadline: January.

AMNH/CUNY NSF Research Experience for Undergraduates (REU) - Summer research opportunity open to all undergraduates. Includes summer stipend. Application Deadline: Jan/February.

AstroCom NYC - Multi-year research fellowships and intensive mentoring for CUNY undergraduates interested in pursing graduate work in Astronomy. Includes 12 month stipend for up to 2 years. Application Deadline: Fall.

NY Space Grant Comm. College Partnership Program (NYSG CCPP) - NASA research fellowships and mentoring for community college and technical school students interested in pursuing a STEM degree. Application Deadline: Fall.


CUNY Faculty Research Result Featured in Nature!

Barry McKernan & Saavik Ford's (BMCC) recent work on pumping up stars with gravitational waves was picked up as a research highlight by Nature.

NASA Grant Awarded to support Community College Students and Faculty

Tim Paglione and the New York Space Grant (NYSG) Consortium received a NASA grant to improve the graduation and transfer rates of community college and technical school STEM students from underrepresented groups. The NYSG Community College Partnership Program (NYSG CCPP) will support over 30 students and more than 20 faculty from community colleges over the next two years with scholarships, release time, and summer research internships. The NYSG CCPP (Saavik Ford) will also run three workshops to train community college faculty in implementing a Methods of Science Research course to prepare students for research. We are actively recruiting students so spread the word - it is open to the entire state of NY! See the Cornell NYSG page for more info and applications.

CUNY Astro Alumna is now a Professor - August 2014

Stephanie Fiorenza, a recent CUNY Astro PhD recipient, is now a science professor at the College of Southern Nevada in Las Vegas. CSN is the largest and most ethnically diverse higher education institution in Nevada.

CUNY AstroCom featured in NPR's Morning Edition - April 2014

The CUNY AstroCom program is an NSF-funded project to support CUNY undergraduates interested in pursing a career in Astronomy. AstroCom Scholars Ariel Diaz (BMCC), Betsy Hernandez (Hunter) were featured along with Prof. Tim Paglione (York College) and Prof. Saavik Ford (BMCC). The full audio of the story is available on the NPR website.

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