CUNY Astro

Big Apple Colloquium

The Big Apple Colloquium (BAC) is a once a semester special seminar held jointly by the astronomy departments in New York City (AMNH, CCA, Columbia, CUNY, NYU).

The next Big Apple Colloquium will be Friday May 13th, 2022 at 5:30PM at the CUNY Graduate Center.  The speaker is Enrico Ramirez-Ruiz.

The current BAC representatives from each institution are:
AMNH:  Jacqueline Faherty
CCA: Chris Hayward
Columbia: Zoltan Haiman
CUNY: Ariyeh Maller
NYU: David Hogg

Previous speakers have included

Spring 2022Enrico Ramirez-RuizCUNY
Fall 2021Not Held
Spring 2021Karin ÖbergCCA
Spring 2020Jim PeeblesColumbia
Fall 2019Fiona HarrisonNYU
Spring 2019Not Held
Fall 2018Amina HelmiAMNH
Spring 2018Julianne Dalcanton CUNY
Fall 2017Not Held
Spring 2017Hiranya PeirisCCA
Fall 2016Not Held
Spring 2016Not Held
Fall 2015Debate: Scott Tremaine vs. Sterl PhinneyColumbia
Spring 2015Not Held
Fall 2014David CharbonneauNYU
Spring 2014Not Held
Fall 2013Jon CarlstromCUNY
Spring 2013Harvey RicherAMNH
Fall 2012Not Held
Spring 2012Vicky Kaspi Columbia
Fall 2011Amy BargerNYU
Spring 2011Steve Balbus AMNH
Fall 2010Not Held
Spring 2010Joan CentrellaColumbia
Fall 2009Marc Kamionkowski NYU
Spring 2009Alex FilippenkoAMNH
Fall 2008*Tim Heckman Columbia
Spring 2008Rashid Sunyaev NYU
Fall 2007Adam Burrows AMNH
Spring 2007 Geoff MarcyColumbia
Fall 2006 Volker SpringelNYU
Spring 2006